Jimmy's ThunderBox™ Camping Toilet - Made in Australia.

• It is really nice to be able to just sit there and have no flies buzzing around your bum.
• Jimmy's ThunderBox is the same height and has the same hole as your toilet at home.
• Designed to save space and folds down to a very flat 40cm x 40cm x 2½cm or 1 inch thick.
• Comfortable, Stable, Strong, Robust, are just a few of the words used to describe this toilet.
• Jimmy's ThunderBox comes in a bonus carry bag with handles --- Absolutely Free.
• If you are in a hurry, this camping toilet is extremely easy to erect. Seconds is all it takes.
• The most important feature of this camp toilet is that it has a very comfortable wooden seat.
• There is no assembly required, take it out of the bag and in seconds it's ready to use.
• This toilet can be used with a bucket inside or with the In-viro™ degradable toilet bags.
• It's so easy to clean, the only thing you need is, a little water and a stiff brush.
• This toilet weighs only 4·2kg or 9·2lbs and when erected is 40cm x 40cm x 39cm high.
• You can choose from either a *raw or a *black melamine seat, both are made from MDF.
• The bottom box section is made to last from quality Australian made galvanized steel.
• All spare parts are available for the Jimmy's ThunderBox portable toilet if ever needed.
• This toilet can support 230kg or 507lbs. Check our Jimmy's ThunderBox outdoor Toilet test
• By turning a catch under the seat, the base and the seat are locked together into a slot.
• Jimmy's ThunderBox - is easy to use, easy to clean, stable and strong and will definitely
• add comfort to your camping - It is suitable for the outdoors - 4W driving - Hunting - Fishing
• Boating - Family camping - remote areas - expeditions - disaster and emergency situations

International customers - please contact us before purchase,
re extra freight costings

Jimmy's ThunderBox

*The raw seat is unpainted MDF so you can do your own thing, paint, varnish, stain etc. etc. The black seat is MDF with a tough non-porous melamine coating making it easy to clean --- Both these seats can be washed down with water and left out to dry before storing away. We have tested both and found them well suited to this application

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This toilet will be perfect for both you and your family

How to do it:  Set your toilet up on cleared level ground. Dig a hole no bigger than 20cm
or 8" in diameter, then position the toilet over the hole, To keep your toilet clean, cut the bottom
out of an In-viro degradable bag place it inside the toilet with about 7cm or 3" folded over the top,
close the seat and turn the catch -- this will keep the inside of your camp toilet sparkling clean.
If you have dug your hole approximately 30cm or 12" deep it will last a family for several days.

To control any odour - add a handful of dirt, sawdust or lime after each deposit or when needed, this will control the odour, you can purchase the lime from your local hardware store or plant nursery.

A bucket can be used inside this toilet - To keep it clean use an In-viro
bag inside the bucket, lime, sawdust or a hand full of dirt can be used in the bucket or in the
In-viro™ bags. When ready for disposal tie off the In-viro bag and carry the bucket with the bag
inside it to the nearest disposal area - The In-viro™ bag and the waste can then be disposed of
safely and responsibly.

In-viro™ fully degradable toilet bags

In-viro™ fully degradable toilet bags - are designed for landfill, compost and
soil deposit - They will ultimately biodegrade when buried with toilet waste, only carbon dioxide
water and biomass will remain, leaving non-toxic by-products.

Cut the bottom out of an In-viro bag and place it inside your toilet with about
7cm or 3" folded over the top, close the seat and turn the catch, this will keep the inside of your
camp toilet clean. These In-viro bags can also be used in a bucket -- More information

These 72  litre In-viro Bags are 90cm deep x 75cm wide and they make the perfect
liner to keep your camp toilet sparkling clean -- They can be ordered from the Buy Now buttons
below or with your toilet from the Buy Now buttons above in packs of 6 bags - You can order 1 or 2 or 4 packs

How to order - click on the box below, choose the product you require, then click the
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In-viroDegradable Liner Bags
Jimmy's ThunderBox tough outdoor toilet test. Over ½ Ton of house bricks are sitting on this outdoor toilet.

Outdoor brick toilet test image

This outdoor toilet has 168 house bricks on it, each brick weighs 3·2kg x 168 = 537·6kg -- 500kg = ½ metric Ton

After ½ Ton of bricks were removed, both sides and the back were bent but the toilet was still usable.

Outdoors erected toilet test image

outdoor folded toilet test image

This tough outdoor toilet still folds up but not quite as flat as it did before we tried to destroy it.


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